GCC Unveils Extension Tables for T500 Large Format Laser Engraver

GCC, a global forefront equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual communication industry, is proud to introduce the availability of Extension Roller Tables for their GCC LaserPro T500.

As an ideal helper for loading and unloading large work pieces, the Extension Roller Tables extend the maximum parts size that can be worked with GCC LaserPro T500.

GCC LaserPro T500’s standard work area is 1300x905mm (51”x35”), which can be extended by 1300x600mm (51”x23.6”) respectively in the front and rear sides of the machine when extension tables are added. Therefore, the maximum work piece you can load will be 1300x1500mm (51”x59”) in size.

Designed with a mechanical hard stop to ensure the origin position and clamping fixture hold work pieces firmly during laser processing, the Extension Table add-on is a smart way to extend your GCC LaserPro T500 laser system to fit larger piece materials such as a 1.5x1m acrylic sheet

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