Desktop Robotics

MG400 Collaborative Robot

The MG400 is an ultra compact desktop grade robotic arm with footprint smaller than a piece of A4 size paper. It is safe for human collaboration, easy to use, and quick to deploy, making it perfect to automate small batch flexible productions. With 750 g maximum payload, 440 mm maximum reach, drag-to-teach and collision detection features, MG400 is a cost effective option for smart automation tasks.

Desktop Grade Compact

The MG400 has an all-in-one design that effortlessly fits into a 190 mm x 190 mm space. It is highly portable and is ideal for flexible production.

Industrial Grade Performance

The MG400 is equipped with a servo motor having a high-precision encoder, proprietary drive and controller, to achieve ±0.05 mm repeatability. Vibration suppression algorithm increases multi-joint motion stability time by 60% and reduces residual vibration by 70%.

Simplicity for Usability

With drag-to-teach, the MG400 is designed to be easy to use. The MG400 lowers the barrier of entry into automation and is favored by numerous small and medium enterprises.

Wide Array of Programming Options

In addition to drag-to-teach, the MG400 can also be programmed using Lua and graphical interface, suitable for developers of all levels.

Robotic Technology

with lifetime local support

MG400 Technical Data

Number of Axes4
Payload500 g (Max. 750 g)
Working Radius440 mm
Repeatability±0.05 mm
Range of Motion J1±160°
Range of Motion J2-25°~85°
Range of Motion J3-25°~105°
Range of Motion J4±180°
Maximum Joint Speed J1300° /s
Maximum Joint Speed J2300° /s
Maximum Joint Speed J3300° /s
Maximum Joint Speed J4300° /s
Power100~240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Rated Voltage48V
Power Consumption150W
Communication InterfaceTCP/IP, Modbus TCP
Weight8 kg
Base Size190 mm × 190 mm
Environment0° ~ 40° C

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