Magician Lite

Magician Lite

The Magician Lite is a multi-functional lightweight intelligent robotic arm made for K12 education. Students can interact with the Magician Lite using software, hardware and expansion interfaces to maximize their creative freedom. Through the process of buidling and playing, they can learn how AI and robots work. They will also be introduced to the world of robotics and how robots can be applied in the real world.

User Friendly. Great Performance.

The Magician Lite has a 0.2 mm repeatability, a maximum payload of 0.25 kg and a maximum reach of 340 mm, and supports a wide variety of end effectors, such as a soft gripper, suction cup and pen grasper. Equipped with collision detection, it ensures the safety of young learners and operators.

Highly Expandable with Magic Box

The Magic Box is the external control unit for the Magician Lite that handles programming. It has 12 communication interfaces, supports Bluetooth and is compatible with a range of accessories.

Graphical Programming.

The DobotLab software platform offers a variety of methods to program robots. Intuitive graphical user interface allows for block programming to easily enable AI functionalities on the Magician Lite.

Robotics Curriculum.

Complete robotics courses of different leves are available for students to learn chapter by chapter. Introduce programming and robotic skills to young learners to help them succeed in the future.

Vibrant Accessories.

Optional drawing, industrial 4.0, AI vision, and sensor kits opens door to futher creativity.

Robotic Technology

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Magician Lite Technical Data

Degree of Freedom4
Maximum Load250 g
Max Reach340 mm
Repeatability±0.2 mm
Voltage100V - 240V AC,50/60 Hz
Power Input12V ~ 5A DC
Working Environment-5° ~ 45° C
Power60W Max
CommunicationUSB Virtual Serial Port / Serial Port
Weight2.4 KG
Rear Arm / Forearm150 mm
Base Size146 mm x 146 mm
MCUARM 32-bit Cortex-M4
Main Frequency168 MHz
Voltage100V - 240V AC,50/60 Hz
Power Input12V ~ 5A DC
Working Environment-5° ~ 45° C
Power60W Max
CommunicationUSB Virtual Serial Port/Serial Port/Bluetooth
Programming LanguageMicroPython
Weight98 g
Size95 mm x 80 mm x 21.5 mm
Axis 1- Base-135° to +135°
Axis 2- Rear Arm-5° to +80°
Axis 3- Fore Arm-10° to +85°
Axis 4- End Tools-145° to +145°
J1-J3 Max speed300°/s
J4 Max speed200°/s

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