Magician E6

DOBOT Magician E6 Collaborative Robot

The DOBOT Magician E6 is a desktop grade 6-axis cobot designed for education and scientific research. It has an industrial grade performance and is compatible with a wide range of accessories made for industrial use. It can accurately simulate various automation scenarios to provide immersive learning and research experiences. The Magician E6 has a number of interfaces for secondary development and course materials on robotics education, opening doors to a new way of education. It is the ideal platform to explore AI, smart manufacturing and other fields of study.

High Level Of Safety

Streamlined body design with collision detection for safer operation. Equipped with a light indicator ring for easy monitoring of Magician E6’s operating status.

Simple Deployment

Compact, lightweight and flexible, the Magician E6 can be effortlessly installed on a desk. Built-in control box simplifies external wiring for a plug-and-play experience.

Easy to Use

Proprietary trajectory replay technology allows no code drag-to-teach programming. Supports graphical programming. Anyone can easily learn and master Magician E6 operation.

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