Fibre Marker Laser

Fibre Marker Laser

Fibre Marker Laser

The LaserGear Fibre marker laser delivers both strength and speed to accomplish a variety of applications. Simply connect a laptop or desktop PC via USB and begin programming in our Minilase Pro SE software. LaserGear products are manufactured in Chillicothe, OH, USA, using high quality components and are backed by a 24-month warranty with an industry leading replacement policy.

LaserGear BOQX

LaserGear QUBE

Focus Finder Tool

Easily focus BOQX by aligning the two red laser dots on the surface of your material using the standard power focal height adjustment.

Touch Screen Pendant

An optional touchscreen control pendant is available for handheld control of BOQX, & QUBE including focus control.

Compact Benchtop Enclosure

BOQX is a compact Class 1 laser enclosure, providing safe operator use without the need for protective eyewear.

Open Air Marking

QUBE is ideal for Class 4 benchtop marking without the restriction of an enclosure, providing maximum flexibility for a variety of part shapes and sizes. Safety eyewear is available for operator use.

Laser Technology

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LaserGear Technical Data

Laser TypeMOPA FibreMOPA Fibre
Wavelength1062 nm +/-3 nm1062 nm +/-3 nm
Wattage Ratings20W & 60W20W
Frequency Range1-4,000 kHz1-4,000 kHz
Pulse Duration20W - 16 available,
2-350ns, CW
60W - 17 available,
2-500ns, CW
16 available, 2-350ns, CW
Operative Ambient Air Temp7°-41°C7°-41°C
Cooling TypeForced AirForced Air
Red Alignment Laser (RAL)Class II Red Diode (635nm)Class II Red Diode (635nm)
Red Focusing Laser (RAL)Class II Red Diode (635nm)Class II Red Diode (635nm)
Power RequirementPower Sensing 110-240 VAC 50/60 HzPower Sensing 110-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Marking Field SizeStandard Lens - 100 x 100mm
Upgraded Lens -
254L - 165 x 165mm
330L - 200 x 200mm
420L - 260 x 260mm
Standard Lens - 100 x 100mm
Upgraded Lens - 165 x 165mm
Max Part HeightStandard Lens - 495mm
Upgraded Lens -
254L - 429mm
330L - 320mm
420L - 240mm
Standard Lens - 146mm
Upgraded Lens - 21.5mm
Max Part Size (LxW)228mm x 254mm

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