CR Series

CR Series Collaborative Robots

The DOBOT CR Series consists of 6 payloads: 3 kg, 5 kg, 7 kg, 10 kg, 12 kg, and 16kg, with repeatability of ±0.02 mm. They are safe for human collaboration, easy to use, flexible and simple to deploy, making them ideal for a wide range of industries: automotive, consumer electronics, semiconductor, healthcare, chemical and new retail. The CR Series lowers labor cost while enhancing production efficiency.

Easy to Learn. Fast to Deploy.

Plug and play design allows a quick deployment using different accessories from our ecosystem. Program with graphical interface, scripting using smartphones, tablets and computers, or program directly with drag-to-teach. Complete installation in 20 minutes. Up and running in an hour.

Safe for Efficient Collaboration.

The CR Series has 22 safety features built-in and is ISO 13849 and TS15066 certified. Equipped with sensors offering 5 adjustable levels of collision detection, it can adapt to a variety of application scenarios. The optional SafeSkin senses unexpected objects that come within 15 cm, actively enhances the safety and efficiency of the robot.

Infused with AI Technology.

All-perceptive AI control technology combines vision, force, voice controls into one. Trajectory tracking and portable learning algorithm make imitating human hand motions possible.

Advanced Algorithm for Higher Performance.

Industry-leading DH parameter compensation technology achieves ±0.02 mm repeatability. Vibration suppression and True Motion algorithms guarantee precision and stability during complex movements.

Open Ecosystem for Scalability.

Various plug-and-play grippers, cameras, and sensors can be connected to multiple IO and communication interfaces on the robot. Secondary development is supported on 20+ development platforms. Task-specific software packages cover loading and unloading, assembly, screwdriving, polishing and other 50+ tasks that can be used across 8 major industries.

SafeSkin Innovative Pre-collision Sensing Technology

The SafeSkin is a wearable accessory designed for collaborate robots to enable pre-collision detection. With high surface coverage, long sensing distance, quick response time, SafeSkin takes human-machine collaboration to a new level. Users can now enjoy both efficiency and safety.

Robotic Technology

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CR Series Technical Data

Weight16.5 kg25 kg24.5 kg40 kg 39.5 kg40 kg
Maximum Payload3 kg5 kg7 kg10 kg12 kg16 kg
Working Radius620 mm900 mm800 mm1300 mm1200 mm1000 mm
Maximum Reach795 mm1096 mm990 mm1525 mm1425 mm1223 mm
Rated Voltage48V DC48V DC48V DC48V DC48V DC48V DC
Maximum Speed of TCP2 m/s3 m/s3 m/s4 m/s4 m/s3 m/s
Range of Motion - J1±360°±360°±360°±360°±360°±360°
Range of Motion - J2±360°±360°±360°±360°±360°±360°
Range of Motion - J3±155°±160°±160°±160°±160°±160°
Range of Motion - J4±360°±360°±360°±360°±360°±360°
Range of Motion - J5±360°±360°±360°±360°±360°±360°
Range of Motion - J6±360°±360°±360°±360°±360°±360°
Maximum Joint Speed - J1/J2 180°/s 180°/s 180°/s120°/s120°/s120°/s
Maximum Joint Speed - J3/J4/J5/J6180°/s180°/s180°/s180°/s180°/s180°/s
End-Effector I/O Interface - DI/DO/AI222222
End-Effector I/O Interface - AO000000
Communication InterfaceRS485RS485RS485RS485RS485RS485
Controller I/O - DI161616161616
Controller I/O - DO/DI161616161616
Controller I/O - AI/AO222222
Controller I/O - ABZ Incremental Encoder111111
Repeatability±0.02 mm±0.02 mm±0.02 mm±0.03 mm±0.03 mm±0.03 mm
CommunicationTCP/IP, Modbus, Wi-FiTCP/IP, Modbus, Wi-FiTCP/IP, Modbus, Wi-FiTCP/IP, Modbus, Wi-FiTCP/IP, Modbus, Wi-FiTCP/IP, Modbus, Wi-Fi
IP RatingIP54IP54IP54IP54IP54IP54
Temperature0° ~ 45° C0° ~ 45° C0° ~ 45° C0° ~ 45° C0° ~ 45° C0° ~ 45° C
Power Consumption120W150W150W350W350W350W
MaterialsAluminum alloy, ABS plasticAluminum alloy, ABS plasticAluminum alloy, ABS plasticAluminum alloy, ABS plasticAluminum alloy, ABS plasticAluminum alloy, ABS plastic

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