M1 Pro Collaborative SCARA

The Dobot M1 Pro SCARA (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) robot stands at the forefront of industrial cobot innovation, equipped with intelligent collision detection and a dynamic algorithm for high-speed operations. Tailored for versatility, this robotic arm is designed with simplicity in mind, making it an ideal solution for the evolving needs of the robotic arm factory and warehouse environments. With its intuitive hand-guided learning, the M1 Pro ensures easy management, allowing operators to efficiently program tasks. Its sleek design and robust features, including collision detection, position it as a top-tier solution for industries seeking an advanced and adaptable warehouse robot in today's dynamic industrial landscape.

Quick to Deploy

The M1 Pro has an all-in-one compact design that integrates the control box and removes the need for additional wiring. With plug-and-play capability and high portability, the M1 Pro saves on setup time.

Safe to Collaborate

Equipped with collision detection feature for human machine collaboration. Its forearm is 40% narrower than a traditional industrial robotic arm which significantly reduces accidental bumping into and damaging the robot.

Easy to Operate

Calibration is greatly simplified with scripting and graphical programming, wired and wireless connections to PCs, tablets, smartphones and other terminal devices.

Optimized Performance

Added encoder interface supports dynamic grabbing and tracking functionalities, multithread and on the fly IO controls to reduce motion cycle time.

Robotic Technology

with lifetime local support

M1 Pro Technical Data

Weight15.7 kg
Maximum Payload1.5 kg
Working Radius400 mm
Repeatability±0.02 mm
Rated Voltage100 ~ 240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Range of Motion - J1±85°
Range of Motion - J2±130°
Range of Motion - J35 mm ~ 245 mm
Range of Motion - J4±360°
Maximum Joint Speed - J1180° /s
Maximum Joint Speed - J2180° /s
Maximum Joint Speed - J31000 mm/s
Maximum Joint Speed - J41000° /s
Communication InterfaceTCP/IP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU

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