Magician Desktop Robotic Arm

The Dobot Magician is the world's first desktop 4-axis robotic arm suitable for STEM education in Australia. Tailored for students and consumers alike, it can perform a wide range of tasks such as 3D printing, laser graving, calligraphy and drawing. 13 interface ports are available to support secondary development, lab projects and robotics curricula. Studies such as robotic systems, the DH convention, control of robot movement and robot programming can be taught to different levels of students. This makes it an ideal tool for robotics education, coding for kids, and STEM robotic arm exploration. A variety of application scenarios can be developed through the use of programming software and hardware accessories.

Operable by One Person

Designed to be operated by a single person, the Magician is not only educational but also user-friendly. Interact effortlessly with the robot using quick access command buttons or go wireless, controlling it with portable computing devices for a seamless user experience, perfect for coding robot enthusiasts.

Teach Robot Physically

Experience the simplicity of drag-to-teach programming with the Dobot Magician. Effortlessly program the Magician by physically moving the arm along desired paths. This intuitive approach makes learning and programming a breeze for users of all levels, promoting STEM education through hands-on activities. 

High Expandability with Secondary Development

The Magician is not just a standalone robot, it’s a platform for endless possibilities in STEM robotic arm education. With 13 interface ports and wireless connectivity, it supports secondary development, making it an ideal choice for lab projects and robotics curricula in Australia. Beginners will find controller support readily available, ensuring a smooth learning curve in coding and robotics. 

Wide Selection of Accessories

Customize your Magician for specific STEM tasks with a wide selection of accessories. Choose from grippers, rails, conveyor belts, mobility solutions, and vision modules to enhance the robot’s capabilities, catering to the diverse needs of STEM education and teaching robotics in Australia.

Robotic Technology

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Magician Technical Data

Number of Axis4
Payload500 g
Max. Reach320 mm
Repeatability±0.2 mm
CommunicationUSB / Wi-Fi* / Bluetooth*
Power Supply100V - 240V, 50/60 HZ
Power In12V / 6.5A DC
Consumption78W Max
Working Temperature-10° - 60° C
Axis Movement Range - J1-120° ~+120°
Axis Movement Range - J2-5°~+90°
Axis Movement Range - J3-15°~+90°
Axis Movement Range - J4 -140°~+140°
Axis Movement Max Speed - J1320° / s
Axis Movement Max Speed - J2320° / s
Axis Movement Max Speed - J3320° / s
Axis Movement Max Speed - J4480° / s
Net Weight3.4 KG
Gross weight ( Standard Version)7.2 KG
Gross weight ( Education Version)8.0 KG
Base Dimension(Footprint)158 mm × 158 mm
MaterialsAluminum Alloy 6061, ABS Engineering Plastic
ControllerDobot Integrated Controller
Robot MountingDesktop
Packing Size (L × W × H)421 mm x 334 mm x 352 mm

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