Extraction options for CO2 Laser Systems

CO2 laser systems emit smoke, dust, fumes and gas during the cutting and/or engraving process. The nature and extent of these emissions is determined by the type of material being processed and the processing speed of the laser. Removal of the emissions from the work area is essential not only for the well-being of the operator but for the successful completion of the cutting or engraving process. For example, when cutting acrylic a by-product is a flammable gas. If this gas is not extracted it can ignite and cause damage to the product/material being cut.


This extractor is a simple exhaust fan unit (see image #2 below) which is positioned behind the laser system or somewhere nearby. As per the diagram below, flexible hose is connected from the outlet on the back of the laser system, to the inlet of the extractor unit. Standard 90mm PVC pipe or other specialised extraction ducting, is connected to the outlet side of the extractor unit and plumbed to the outside of the building (eg. through the wall or roof).

The method of extraction comes standard with most laser systems and is the most cost-effective method. This method does not require ongoing maintenance.

It is recommended that you do not have the outlet of this system in an area where people congregate and that you consider the environmental impact if there is a possibility of toxic emissions.

This method of extraction uses a four-stage process to filter fumes, dust and particulate and release the clean air back into the room. This process includes;

  • Primary filter
  • Pre-filter
  • HEPA filter
  • Carbon filter
The filtration unit (see image #2 below) is positioned beside or behind the laser system and a flexible hose connects the outlet of the laser system to the inlet of the filtered extraction unit, as per the diagram below.

As part of maintenance, the filters need to be routinely checked and replaced if required.

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