E200 Desktop Laser

E200 Desktop Laser

GCC E200 Desktop Laser

The E200 provides an easy operating workflow and is able to complete different processing procedures quickly. Most importantly, the E200 contains various advanced functions with stable quality, and excellent safety features.

Multifunction User Interface

Multifunction user interface for both beginners and advance users.

High Throughput for Unlimited Imagination

20ips Processing speed with DC servo motor to boost productivity while maintaining precision.

Unmatchable Output Quality

E200 desktop laser engraver takes your engraving and cutting to a level beyond other desktop lasers.

Live Camera Preview

E200 desktop laser engraver’s on board camera allows you to preview your design to make positioning simple and easy

7” Large Touch Panel

With colorful intuitive 7” touchscreen interface, E200 desktop laser engraver can bring your inspiration to life.

Free Bundle with GCC Materials to Start Your Business with Ease

Every E200 desktop laser engraver comes with free GCC Materials with barcode stickers. Camera can read the QR code and automatically set up the parameters according to different materials.

Standard Water Chiller Allows For High Production

E200 desktop laser engraver comes with a standard water chiller to ensure machine efficiency.

Stamp Mode With Shoulder Level Function

E200 desktop laser engraver stamp mode with shoulder level function enables you to produce a professional stamp easily.

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