Emblaser2 Desktop Laser

Emblaser2 Desktop Laser

The Emblaser2 is a revolutionary laser cutter and engraver. The Emblaser 2 is the perfect entry point for beginners who'd love to learn and make incredible creations out of wood, acrylic, and more.

Fume Extraction and Filtration

The Emblaser 2 is built with a fume extractor for venting fumes outdoors. Install the add-on fume filtration system and your laser cutter can be used safely indoors.


One of the issues with laser cutting is the burn marks present on the material. With the smart Air-Assist add-on function, a stream of air is simultaneously directed onto the material as the laser cuts, significantly reducing the marks.

Material Ignition Alert

When it comes to working with laser, there is potential for the burned material to ignite. By monitoring constantly the progress of the laser cutting, the Emblaser 2 will automatically stop and alert users if that happens.

Wifi/USB Connection

Gain full control of the Emblaser 2 via WiFi or traditional USB connection

Lightburn Software

The Emblaser2 comes with a LightBurn software licence that allows up to installations.

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