“How do we justify the cost?”


A question we get asked a lot by teachers and administrators, is “how do we justify the cost?” Although laser systems are a big up-front investment, the ongoing benefits are significant.

Before we go any further, let’s clear up a few things. The cost of a laser system is truly a ‘one-off’ capital cost. There is no definitive life-time for these systems, but rather will rely on replacement of the laser source after a number of years. Annual servicing is relatively low in cost and with your diligent cleaning of the lens and mirrors, cost of consumables will be negligible.

Laser systems will not require additional expense of software and are inexpensive to operate. Ultimately, they require less direct teacher support and are capable of rapid output, which is great for quickly getting through a workload of student projects and keeping their interest up. Schools who have already made the investment, will agree that their laser system has quickly become the ‘workhorse’ of the space, being the most used tool, thanks to the near endless number of applications and uses. That’s before even considering the cost benefit of engraving school trophies, signage and marketing (eg. rulers cut and engraved with the school logo for handing out on school open days).

Allowing students to turn their vector drawings and designs into physical reality opens up an abundance of opportunities and applications. Whether this integrates into your design technology, STE(A)M, graphics, art and/or textiles curriculum, the practical value of a laser system is immense. Much like 3D printing, laser cutting is continuing to push boundaries in the manufacturing industry and will be at the forefront for coming generations, giving context to the introduction of such skills at school. It’s phenomenal seeing some of the projects involving laser systems coming out of schools at the moment. It gives us the impression that schools without this technology cannot afford to be too far behind.

Excellent usability, a once off capital cost, a plethora of applications over various subjects and high productivity. All reasons to justify a laser system at your school.

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