The all new GCC GT Model Ceramic Tube

What is GT Model?

GT model is a brand new OEM tube. The tube combines the exceptional performance of a monolithic ceramic resonator with the latest RF design into a single integrated package.
The result is a compact, efficient, and powerful laser with fast rise and fall time and great optical characteristics.
Tubes are only available for Spirit, SpiritLS, Spirit GLS, Spirit GLS Hybrid.

GT Tube Benefits

Pure ceramic core – No contamination or leaks.
Low thermal expansion – Enhanced laser stability
High efficiency – 90% RF driver efficiency and 30% less power consumption
30% fewer parts – Higher reliability
Long lifetime

Machine Status
Machine status function allows user to check the status of the machine and laser tube via control panel in real time. It will show a laser warning message on the control panel to remind customer when the voltage or temperature is abnormal.

Better Engraving Quality
Due to the feature of GT tube, the smaller laser power fluctuation, the GT model can provide the better engraving quality with less the banding effect.

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