Promoting Student Engagement in the Classroom

It is safe to say that maintaining student engagement is paramount when it comes to how a class is conducted, and how knowledge is transferred to students. Teaching a class is almost pointless if the information is not being absorbed. After all that is the point isn’t it? Over time, as we have learnt more about the different ways students engage and absorb knowledge, teachers and educators across the globe are tailoring lessons and curriculum structure to support a more ‘hands-on’ approach, a concept proven to increase student engagement significantly. The dramatic increased popularity of Laser Systems in schools is proof of this. Laser Systems have become a crucial tool in supporting this modern way of learning for various reasons.

A key aspect of improving student engagement is relevancy. Students today respond to learning that is directly applicable to real-life scenarios, as opposed to the monotony of theory/ text-book based learning. Working to address real-world problems and social issues motivates students and instills a sense of purpose in the classroom environment. Studies show us that lessons and curriculum based around problem-solving significantly improves classroom engagement, making a Laser system an excellent tool to utilize. The almost limitless capabilities of a Laser System, allows students to recognize and address real-life problems, by being able to design and create projects to commercial standards without the restrictions of traditional tools. This closes the gap between the classroom and the outside world, motivating students to adhere to a higher standard of work ethic and results.

With the vast variety of materials able to be used and the even wider scope of designs able to be cut/engraved, a Laser System makes way for the ‘exploratory’ aspect of improved student engagement. A student’s desire to learn, is directly related to their ability to explore and find their own answers and conclusions. Students want to be challenged, and need to be given the scope to discover their own solutions. The element of ‘fun’ is something else a Laser System brings to the classroom environment. The intricacy and impressive abilities of these machines add a ‘wow’ factor that cannot be denied. If the students can think it, more than likely the laser machine can do it!

Once a student has an idea, and this has been designed and translated to a drawing, the speed of the Laser System allows them to create and bring their project to life very quickly. “The immediacy students get creates a better response in the classroom” one teacher says. This has proved to help students maintain their enthusiasm. Without the drawn out process of using traditional tools, a laser system allows students the opportunities to tweak and improve their creations as many times as they need. While driving them to strive for better results, this also allows students to learn without the intimidating pressure of not making mistakes. This will encourage learners, and keep them inspired.

Improved student engagement is a significant benefit of a Laser System. Contact the team at Uscribe and let us find the best Laser solution for your school!

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