Encouraging Creativity and Innovation

Teachers and HOD’s are always exploring new and improved ways to develop learning which inspires academic and artistic curiosity, confident optimism and a mind-set that encourages resilience to accept repeated failure. Educators are looking for ways and means to allow students to develop their ideas beyond design, and into actionable projects, readying them for a more seamless transition into the real world. As proven throughout many schools in Australia already, Laser Systems have become increasingly popular and are a hugely beneficial tool to foster this modern type of learning.

From the extensive variety of materials able to be cut/engraved with a laser, to the comprehensive design software students can use to create their projects, a Laser System eliminates but all restrictions posed by older technologies. This will challenge students to expand their imaginations to utilise the Laser to its full potential. Over time, as students become familiar with the impressive capabilities of the Laser, their ideas and designs will become more and more complex, driving innovation and harvesting student creativity.

Unlike the agonizingly slow pace of a 3D printer, or the drawn-out process of wood-work, the Laser System can pump out projects in just minutes. This helps students stay engaged and stay in their creative zone.

In a world where technological advances are occurring at a faster rate than ever before, creativity and innovation are qualities highly sought after in the job market. Arguably the most beneficial aspect of a Laser System is its ability to marry a student’s creative imagination with practical thinking. This fast production equipment allows each student to learn on a project-based platform, allowing them to create projects that have real-life applications to solve real-life problems, while in the classroom. This in turn, encourages students to strive for a higher standard in design accuracy and athletics, applicable to the standard in the real-world market. This standard of thinking and design will ultimately help students transition into the real world equipped with the valuable skills to identify and investigate a need or opportunity; generate, plan and realise designed solutions; and evaluate products and processes.

While intangible and difficult to measure, creativity and innovation are some of the most vital outcomes of teaching with a Laser System.

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